Join re:publica’s WSLab on Creative Entrepreneurship to incubate your future!

  • How can creativity help to make a hyper-individualized society more collaborative?
  • Which spaces does a new economy need and what is their ethos?
  • How does the misfit economy operate and what can we learn from it?
  • How can we monetize?
  • How can we be autonomous?
  • What is collaboration and competition among creatives?
  • What is co-entrepreneurship?
  • What kind of education do we want?
  • Do we need to develop a new common language to decipher current multiplicities?
  • Can we create a common purpose to unite many creatives under a larger goal?

These were questions that a group of creatives asked at diydays in New York last Saturday. They were the first of three groups that re-invent how we approach creativity and entrepreneurship. We invite you to be part of the second group that meets in Berlin on May 4/5. The open design lab starts Saturday at 10am and ends Sunday at 1pm. Our results will be presented on Monday, May 6, at 6pm at Later this year, the lab travels to Amsterdam, where fablabs and Pakhuis de Zwijger will collaborate to build a prototype and test what we came up with in Berlin.

“How could we enable and promote creative spaces to influence global action?” This is the most important question that New Yorker creatives thought needed an answer. Believing that today we have all the ingredients to shape a good future, the group ideated which elements should grow to empower independent creatives. Counting 46 participants, the 2-hour lab was the largest of its kind so far. The room buzzed when everyone changed roles, chairs and positions to get the maximum diversity of ideas jotted down on the meter long butcher paper that was rolled out on each of the seven tables. The group worked through tasks and questions, such as “how is creativity valuable to human exchange?” They explored creativity from a personal standpoint, positioned its value and asked how to apply creativity to make the change they want to see in the world.

In Berlin our approach will be more extensive, moving from empathy to definition of the solution space, ideation and formulating the model we think up.

Of course, all output is creative commons and can be used by anyone. We aim at incubating a model, policy or proposal that are useful for individuals or collectives alike. With the help of everyone we aim at producing two outcomes: a prototype and a toolkit that shows how to use the prototype. All a bit vague? That’s because the process is emergent: you are the program!

We have some spaces left. If you’re keen to think and do with a bunch of beautiful change-making souls, you can register at

And find more info here:

Time and place:
Saturday, May 4 (10-6pm),
Sunday, May 5 (09-1pm, possibly longer outside)

Station 10963 Berlin GmbH (onsite re:publica venue)
Luckenwalder Str. 4–6
10963 Berlin