Baustelle Berlin-Brandenburg: [ws]labs ‘creative entrepreneurship’

Zum Auftakt der re:publica 2013 veranstalten wir am 4. & 5. Mai einen Workshop, zu dem wir Kreative aus New York, Berlin und Amsterdam einladen.

2 Tage. 40 Köpfe. 1 Frage: Wie sieht die Zukunft der Digital Bohème aus? Welche alternativen Modelle funktionieren heute? Und wie können junge Kreative eine neue Wirtschaft bereichern?

[ws]labs ‘creative entrepreneurship’

Open design labs to hack solutions for the future: This open design session empowers entrepreneurs in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam to collectively take an idea from inception to action over the course of six months. In the process, we’ll R&D new models of creative entrepreneurship and collective leadership.

This session is the second in a series of three. We invite anyone interested in alternative business models to join us and dive into the question what do today’s creatives need to create better businesses. In NYC we will come up with a design question around creative entrepreneurship, which is then taken into this Wicked Solutions Lab in Berlin. Within 2 days we will find a solution for the NYC design question and present our preliminary results at re:publica. In the fall, the last part will play out in Amsterdam, where fablabs and independent creatives will shape a first prototype. In between, we invite everyone who takes part to join and co-create the process in hangouts and skype sessions.

diy days NYC, April 27: artist entrepreneurs and experts on the ‘misfit economy’ refine our design question in a 1.5 hr workshop.

re:publica 2013 Berlin, May 4th and 5th: A core team of entrepreneurs, story architects, policy makers, filmmakers, game designers, students, and government stakeholders design a range of solutions to present ahead of the re:publica 2013.

Amsterdam, fall 2013: The best solutions are actioned on.






diy days is an internationally roving social innovation hub for those who create. Participants share ideas and resources to support funding, creating, distributing and sustaining their work.

re:publica is one of the biggest European conferences that is focused on digital society. Since beginning in 2007, this political and cultural event has grown from its core of independent bloggers to include industry experts and enthusiasts in a vital annual event.

reboot stories harnesses story and technology for social change. Open design science projects innovate around digital literacy, cross-generational learning and designing with rather than designing for. Partners include the UN, the World Economic Forum and Columbia University. 

Freedomlab future studies is an independent European think tank. Activities spanning research, education and workshops encourage creative thinking on the future of our society.

knowable is a Berlin-based fablab and social network for makers. It aims to connect practical ideas to solve everyday problems globally.

the village of arts and humanities is a community arts hub that engages youth, revitalizes community, and preserves heritage in sustainable ways.

Pakhuis de Zwijger is a platform for (social) innovation in Amsterdam. With a wide range of lectures, debates, workshops and design sessions it is a creative hub for ‘people that make the city’ and actively participates in rethinking strategies for urban challenges.